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May 10, 2011



Inspiring post Randy, it is indeed a brave thing to venture out into the open ocean :) And nice pictures too, did I say I *like* your blog? I really do :)


thanks, paul, for your encouraging comment. glad you like the blog!

Heather W

Randy, Thanks for the post about swimming with sharks and other such scary sea creatures... as my hubby can attest to, I also have an intense fear of anything in the water... especially those creatures with fins and very sharp teeth, who in my dreams just want to eat me because I am Canadian. David and I have been diving, but not without intense therapy first and David promising that he will be the shark bait and get in between any shark and me. I am not yet ready to wander into the deep on my own, but your story is very inspiring!!
Blessings, Heather


glad you were encouraged, heather. wow, what a great husband you have...willing to offer his body as shark bait!

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